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First Harvest Juniper Gin


Produced exclusively from juniper grown in our distillery garden on Kangaroo Island, representing the World’s first gin made with 100% Australian grown juniper berries.

100% Australian Grown Juniper

First Harvest Juniper Gin

Kangaroo Island Spirits First Harvest Juniper Gin will be ever evolving, made only when the juniper berries grown on site are right – not dictated by season, or length of time. We will be patient and guided by the journey of the juniper’s growth and the plants’ immediate and long-term health.

Back in 2006, the original founders of Australia’s first dedicated gin distillery had the foresight to plant a number of common juniper bushes (juniperus communis). The young saplings took to Kangaroo Island’s nutrient rich soil immediately, flourishing in our climate. Now fully mature, our juniper trees allow us the ability to produce the world’s first gin created with 100% Australian grown, single origin juniper. A gin that truly speaks of the climate and land of Kangaroo Island. 

Kangaroo Island Juniper

First Harvest Juniper Gin

Tasting notes

Nose: juniper, native thyme, hint of citrus
Palate: fresh juniper, herbaceous, fresh, green, native thyme, cardamom leaf, lemon grass, pepper
Finish: juniper all the way, little pepper, little thyme
“Our juniper comes through bold, strong, and fresh. Native thyme, cardamom leaf and lemon grass balance the juniper with bright herbaceous notes that build complexity and make this gin easy to drink.”
Juniper bushes Planted
Harvest date(s)
Summer 2021​

First Harvest Juniper Gin

Fig Leaf Gimlet


50ml First Harvest Juniper Gin​
20ml Fig leaf Cordial​
5ml fresh lime juice

Garnish with a lime twist

Fig leaf Cordial​:
​8 fig leaves​
1L filtered water​
500g caster sugar ​

Rinse leaves thoroughly​
Place leaves and sugar in a pot of water and bring to a simmer​
Leave for 3 mins​
Remove leaves​
Add ¼ tsp tartaric acid​
Bottle and refrigerate


Add ingredients to shaker and shake with ice. Strain into chilled coupe.

First Harvest Juniper Gin

Produced exclusively from juniper grown in our distillery garden on Kangaroo Island, representing the World’s first gin made with 100% Australian grown juniper berries.

Juniper is generally sourced from parts of Eastern Europe, meaning that no matter how many native or foraged ingredients are in a gin, that one key component has always been represented by imported goods. We’ve sought to change that, producing a gin that is made wholly from botanicals grown in our distillery garden, including single-sourced, Kangaroo Island grown Australian Juniper berries.

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