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Whisky Barrel Aged Gin


From whisky aged barrels.  A timeless sipping gin.

Our multi-award winning Whisky Barrel Aged Gin is the result of maturing our Wild Gin in single malt whisky barrels to create a smooth and complex sipping gin.  With notes of buttery oak, vanilla and a unique whisky character mingled with the flavours of our island.


Whisky Barrel Aged Gin

Whisky Barrels

A gin distilled with boobialla, lemon and aniseed myrtles and aged in single malt whisky barrels is the subtle marriage of whisky and gin flavour profiles.

Whisky Barrels

Whisky Barrel Aged Gin

A favourite amongst both casual connoisseurs and critics alike, the awards and accolades received for this gin, provide further affirmation of a drop worth pursuing.

Tasting Australia Spirits Awards
Silver Medal
Melbourne International Spirits Competition
Gold Medal

Whisky Barrel Aged Gin

Salted Maple Old Fashion


60mL Whisky Barrel Gin
10mL Pure Maple Syrup
A Pinch of Salt
2-4 Drops of Angostura Bitters

Garnish with a twist of orange peel.


Add maple syrup and salt to rocks glass and muddle until salt is dissolved. Place an ice ball gently into glass. Pour Whisky Barrel Gin over ice ball. Add drops of bitter and stir for 20 to 30 seconds.
Express oils from the orange zest over glass, twirl with fingers and add to the glass.

Whisky Barrel Aged Gin

Whilst we honour the traditional craft of distilling, adhering to age old approaches, we do so in a contemporary way, in order to truly bring to life the unique spirit, flavours and botanicals found here on this most unique of islands.

We craft our spirits, with an honest and enduring dedication to all that surrounds us, and we do so every step of the way. Our craft begins with the finest local botanicals, foraged for and grown, right here on the Island. The essence of the Island itself is the very foundation for every drop we distil. Being so connected to the land that surrounds us, the bounty it provides, the inspiration it delivers, drives us to continually perfect our craft, in honour of this place, in order to share the very spirit of it, with the world at large.

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