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Old Tom Gin


From native island botanicals. A new take on an old classic.


Old Tom Gin

Australia’s most awarded Old Tom style, this gin is a must have for any classic cocktail enthusiast. Based on the slightly sweeter styles of gins popular in the 18th century, our Old Tom is infused with locally grown aniseed and lemon myrtles. Lightly aged in re-charred French oak barrels for added depth and complexity.

There’s something quite special about Kangaroo Island’s lemon myrtle. Here on the island it’s mixed it into foods, turned into oils, and when it comes to our Old Tom, it’s turning our homage to 18th Century English Gin into something entirely new.  It brings a citrus flavour whilst also exuding delightfully sweet characteristics.

Kangaroo Island Lemon Myrtle

Old Tom Gin

Our unique take on Old Tom has resulted in this incredible gin being awarded at some of the most prestigious spirits competitions around the world.

International Wine and Spirit Show
Silver Medal
Tasting Australia Spirits Awards
Gold Medal

Old Tom Gin

Apple Pie Hot Toddy


45mL Old Tom
15mL Apple Pie Syrup
15mL Lemon Juice
100mL Warm water

Garnish with a slice of apple fresh or dehydrated & grated nutmeg.

Apple Pie Syrup
2 x cups Cloudy apple juice
1 x cup raw sugar
2 x cinnamon quills
5 x cloves
Pinch of nutmeg
1-2 star anise


Pour all ingredients into a Tom Collins glass, add Old Tom Gin last, stir and garnish.

Old Tom Gin

Whilst we honour the traditional craft of distilling, adhering to age old approaches, we do so in a contemporary way, in order to truly bring to life the unique spirit, flavours and botanicals found here on this most unique of islands.

We craft our spirits, with an honest and enduring dedication to all that surrounds us, and we do so every step of the way. Our craft begins with the finest local botanicals, foraged for and grown, right here on the Island. The essence of the Island itself is the very foundation for every drop we distil. Being so connected to the land that surrounds us, the bounty it provides, the inspiration it delivers, drives us to continually perfect our craft, in honour of this place, in order to share the very spirit of it, with the world at large.

Put that Tonic Water back in the fridge right now. Old Tom is way too good for that. What a magnificent Gin ..... and of course the good memories that go along with it. Nicely done Kangaroo Island !
Mark Vanderryst
I always remember this gin, even if sometimes I don't remember the previous night. A smooth sipping gin, with memory challenging properties. Hightly recommended.
Steve Saunders
Super unique, absolutley yummy
Smooth & Delicate. Don’t normally like barrel aged, but this was beautiful.
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