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Mulberry Gin


From our magnificent mulberries. Deliciously smooth gin.


Mulberry Gin

Naturally sweet and boldly tart, the rich flavours of real mulberries distinguishes this elegant gin. The historic mulberry tree on the island was the inspiration for our take on a Sloe style gin.

Produced seasonally from South Australian mulberries steeped in our award winning gin. Naturally sweet and boldly tart, the rich flavours of real mulberries distinguishes this elegant gin.

Real mulberries provide the fruity addition to our seasonal Sloe style gin. Consisting of both sweet and tart qualities, mulberries have a fantastically balanced flavour that makes then a natural addition to the world of gin.

Morus Alba

Mulberry Gin

To have a gin inspired by the Island’s history, go on to receive domestic and international acclaim, is a fact we couldn’t be prouder of.

SIP International Spirits Awards
Gold Medal
SIP International Spirits Awards
Gold Medal

Mulberry Gin

Mulled Mulberry


60mL Mulberry Gin
100mL Hot Water
½ Teapsoon of Honey
10mls Lemon Juice
2 Cloves
1 Small Cinnamon Quill
1 Star Anise
1 Slice of Orange


Place all ingredients apart from the Mulberry Gin and infuse, then add Mulberry Gin. Serve in tea pot with cup & saucer.

Mulberry Gin

Whilst we honour the traditional craft of distilling, adhering to age old approaches, we do so in a contemporary way, in order to truly bring to life the unique spirit, flavours and botanicals found here on this most unique of islands.

We craft our spirits, with an honest and enduring dedication to all that surrounds us, and we do so every step of the way. Our craft begins with the finest local botanicals, foraged for and grown, right here on the Island. The essence of the Island itself is the very foundation for every drop we distil. Being so connected to the land that surrounds us, the bounty it provides, the inspiration it delivers, drives us to continually perfect our craft, in honour of this place, in order to share the very spirit of it, with the world at large.

I was at a boutique brewery and being a rum drinker was not sure what to have. I saw this Mulberry Gin behind the bar, mixed it with lemonade and I was in heaven. What a tasty refreshing drink to have on a hot QLD day. I came home and purchased one ASAP. Highly recommend you all try this amazing drink - Deb xxx.
Debbie Thomas
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