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Visit our cellar door

Kangaroo Island Spirits is not only KI’s sole boutique gin distillery. We are Australia’s first dedicated gin distillery. Visit our stunning cellar door and discover our unique range of gins, vodkas, and liqueurs that capture the true spirit and flavour of Kangaroo Island. After you’ve been amazed and fulfilled by the unique spirit-tasting experience, why not try crafting your own gin at the Gin Blending Masterclass? Our Bookable experiences include Premium Tasting, Gin Blending, Cocktail Masterclasses, and Mini Cocktail classes. These options complement self-guided tasting flights, an extensive cocktail list, and direct bottle sales from the cellar door.

Visit Our Kangaroo Island Cellar Door

Our distilling methods celebrate and honour the age-old skill and approach to crafting. We use contemporary means to bring unique KI flavours, botanicals, and spirits to the products available at our KI cellar doors and private tasting room.


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Kangaroo Island Spirits is an integral player in the Kangaroo Island community of producers and providers of pure, quality and sustainable fare available for visitors and islanders. The fertile lands and rich waters of Kangaroo Island provide some of Australia’s finest gourmet and epicurean pleasures and quaint cellar-door experiences. KI’s long tradition of self-sufficiency is evident in the variety and quality of the spirits available for tasting at our Kangaroo Island Spirits Cellar Door.  

Try Our Fabulous Gins

Our cellar door experience on a visit to Kangaroo Island is one you won’t forget. Taste our fantastic range of handmade spirits, including Spiced Pudding Gin (great for the festive season) and First Harvest Juniper Gin, using our hand-picked, distillery-grown common juniper. This epicurean delight is the world’s first gin made exclusively using Australian-grown juniper berries, along with other botanicals sourced from our distillery garden. Our range also includes O’ Gin which is made using our island-grown coastal daisy (Olearia Axillaris), Wild Gin which focuses on Boobialla (a local berry with flavours similar to juniper berries), Old Tom Gin which is a sweeter style inspired by wild island botanicals, Mulberry Gin using Mulberries, sourced from the Riverland, for colour and flavour, and Whiskey Barrel Gin – aged in Australian whisky barrels

Try our Crisp, Clean, Pure Vodka

Your KI cellar door visit includes a taste of our fantastic, clean, Pure Vodka with lifted floral notes due to having been made with grape spirit from South Australia. Cellar doors on KI are hugely popular, and Kangaroo Island Spirits also hosts dedicated wine drinkers who have heard about the unique spirits we create and can’t wait to taste them.

Try Our Sumptuous Liqueurs

Kangaroo Island is isolated from the South Australian mainland, meaning there is more excellent biosecurity and fewer plant diseases, and the produce is pure and unique. The produce, gins, vodkas and liqueurs made at the Kangaroo Island Spirits distillery reflect the wild natural environment. Our liqueurs include:

Limoncello – The freshness and zest of this liqueur come from the island-grown lemons and the traditional Italian method we use to create it. Our unique Limoncello is a Kangaroo Island cellar door favourite.

Zenzerino – The sweet zing from a combination of South Australian Riverland oranges and ginger is a taste to behold. Our Zenzerino liqueur flavours are reminiscent of the spicy traditional Italian liqueur limoncello style and are very popular at our Kangaroo Island cellar door.

Kaffircello – Enjoy our Kaffircello, made with chilli and kaffir leaf, lime, and lemon myrtle to produce a delicious, spicy, full-bodied flavour.

Spirits Crafted With Foraged KI Botanicals

The spirit and essence of the unique land mass called Kangaroo Island, the third largest Australian offshore island at the entrance to SA’s  Gulf St Vincent, goes into crafting every drop distilled. Our spirits are created in pure, fresh southern Australian air and made with a caring, honest and enduring dedication to all the beauty surrounding us. The spirits at our South Australia cellar door surpass all others regarding uniqueness, flavour and purity. 

Foraging for the finest island botanicals and island-grown produce is the first step in crafting unique spirits. We are driven to perfect our distillation processes by being connected to the island and inspired to honour it with its bounty and beauty. We aim to share this blessing with the world.

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